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Partnering for Greatness , LLC  (PFG) is a strategic business coaching and consulting firm dedicated to helping individuals and organizations achieve their goals, personally and professionally.

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With a reputation for encouraging excellence, PFG specializes in helping aspiring managers gracefully navigate the many challenges of the business world.

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PFG principal, Ava Milosevich has spent more than 30 years helping individuals succeed in their careers while still finding time to enjoy her home in the great Pacific Northwest, visit interesting places, and enjoy time with family and friends.

Innovate — Collaborate —  Implement

An exciting paradigm shift is happening in the business world and YOU can participate in it. In the past, business coaches were only available to CEOs of large corporations. Now anyone can hire his/her own coach to help achieve success.

A selection of ways PFG can help you achieve excellence:

executive coaching
executive consulting
management consulting
career coaching
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