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Management & Project Consulting

During Ava’s career, she had the unique experience of actively creating programs and services in a wide variety of organizational areas in not-for-profit as well as for-profit companies.  These opportunities came from working in fast-paced and growing companies where courage and learning went hand in hand.  As she and her teams made progress in developing new projects and systems, they were able to hand them off to begin new initiatives, empowering others to develop their leadership potential while driving rapid innovation and change throughout her organizations. She successfully started new companies, restructured existing companies and championed participative management, spawning a second generation of inspired leaders who were prepared to move forward.

The companies under Ava’s management have been recognized for being innovative, early adoptors, and successful integrators.  Her forward-thinking and straightforward approach have attracted the notice of leaders of research councils and development companies who sought her participation.  All of these experiences fueled her entrepreneurial spirit and set the stage for her leadership and mentoring prowess.  Through Partnering for Greatness, LLC (PFG), and related partners, she brings the result of that 30+ years of experience and knowledge in organizational development to benefit you today.

Scheduling is flexible, and will depend on the types of projects you choose to undertake. We can discuss the best timing for you and your demanding schedule. Clients sometimes choose a serious of short (50-90 minute) weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly sessions.

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The Work
The PFG approach is to create from a future view, include stakeholders and assessments, and develop the organization’s vision.  From that perspective, we’ll work together to identify clear intended results so that your project will become a priority from the total, 360-degree view of your company.  We lead the planning process and chart your progress; you own, manage, and implement the plan—together, we create a true partnership to help you achieve your goals.

Examples of types of PFG consulting projects:



  Leadership and Sales Culture

  Strategic positioning

  Expanding into new markets

Owner transitions


  Joint Ownerships


  Policies and procedures

  HR initiatives

  New business divisions

  New product lines





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