Experience & Acknowledgments




During Ava's career she had the unique experience of creating programs and services in a wide variety of organizational areas in for-profit and not-for-profit companies. These came from working in fast-paced and growing companies where courage and learning went hand in hand. She and her teams developed new projects and systems and handed them off to begin new initiatives, empowering others. She successfully started new companies, restructured existing ones and championed participative management for a second-generation of inspired leaders.  

  Under Ava's management the companies were recognized for innovation, early adoption, and being integrators.  Her forward thinking and straightforward approach attracted the notice of research councils and development companies who sought her participation. She brings the result of 30+ years of experience and knowledge to benefit you today!


 "From my perspective, the coaching and leadership training I experienced with Partnering for Greatness is the best blend of know-how to drive growth and get financial results while allowing people to develop".  David Kennedy, CEO

"Thank you!  You have helped me so much, because of you, I understand my values and am able to live a life full of purpose."  Dorinda Dawes, Branch Manager

"Thank you for your friendship and wise counsel through the past few years, I am deeply grateful for all the assistance that you have provided.  You helped me grow and become a better person and a better leader."  Cheryl Boyum, CEO

"Thank you for all of your assistance helping me and my team stay focused on the future and stay above the emotion...  You truly are partnering for greatness."  Kim Sponem, President/CEO

"Knowing you has been a blessing in my life.  Our conversations and work helped me recognize that I'd been living in a drought for years,."  Ann Christensen, Vice President

"You have helped me immeasurably - and even more, I have really enjoyed our work together,  Thanks for everything."  Stacey Howard, IDA Director

"You are amazing.  I so appreciate you for all kinds of reasons, all the time."  Claire Segiun, Ass't. Director